Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group About Us


Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group

Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group was formed to represent the community of Kimberley in support of refugees and to champion refugee issues locally.

The short term purpose of the group was to provide funding and resettlement support in Kimberley to one or two refugee families. In September of 2016 we welcomed a family to Kimberley. You can learn more about the family here

We are anticipating the arrival of a single refugee sometime in the summer of 2021. 

In the longer term we expect:

  • to provide similar assistance to other refugee families

  • to improve the conditions in the refugee camps around the world

  • to champion refugee issues in our community-fostering diversity, respect, understanding-while becoming global citizens

The KRRG's long term goal is to provide support to one or two families. Many local residents are asking how they can continue to help. You can help make a difference in their lives in a number of different ways – small and large. Get involved!



By the end of 2019, at least 79.5 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. That was an increase of 8.7 million people over the previous year, and the world’s forcibly displaced population remained at a record high. This is a total bigger than the population of the United Kingdom.  This includes:

  • 26.0 million refugees in the world—the highest ever seen;  half of whom are under the age of 18;

  • 45.7 million internally displaced people; and

  • 4.2 million asylum-seekers.

  • On average, 20 people were driven from their homes every minute last year, or one every three seconds – less than the time it takes to read this sentence.

We are all members of the global village and need to help.

To learn more on the crisis and how the Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group is responding, please view the following 17- minute video: