Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we received in the past.

How much does KRRG have to raise right now to sponsor a family? How much is the government providing?

  • KRRG initially needs at least $15,000 to apply and additional funding to support the family.

  • Government provides additional funding depending on a variety of factors such as how big the family is, how quickly they will be able to find work.

 You can donate here >>>

Who is the Syrian family?

Since 2015, Syrian refugees have been the media focus, however, the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) works in more than 125 countries around the world providing essential services to refugees – protecting people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution. In September of 2016 the KRRG welcomed a family from Pakistan to Kimberley. You can learn more about the family here.

I’m afraid Kimberley will lose jobs and resources to refugees. Why not help our own community first?

  • KRRG has partnered with many local groups to give back to members of the community who need our help. The KRRG provides additional support for our community.

  • Refugees will become productive members of the community, tax-payers and local buyers who help build the economy and the nation.

How can we be sure we’re not importing people who put our security at risk?

  • UNHCR’s rigorous screening: medical, security, and criminality

  • Canada’s additional, rigorous screening:  medical, security, criminality

  • Families are an almost negligible security risk.

Why Kimberley? Isn’t a larger city better?

  • It is far easier to successfully integrate one or two families in a small community like Kimberley than to do so with the large numbers of refugees arriving in larger metropolitan areas.

  • Kimberley is an initial safe haven and the family has the option to relocate to a larger centre.

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