McKim Students “Helping Refugees Make Kimberley Home”

The Grade 5 students at McKim Middle School recently held a bake sale to support the Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group (KRRG). Sixty-nine students contributed $335.50 bringing the KRRG total to $28,000. Their sale of delicious treats included vanilla and gluten-free cupcakes, rice crispie squares, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Before the bake sale, they watched videos on the KRRG website ( explaining why local residents are supporting refugee families coming to Kimberley.

Grade 5 teacher Lori Mitchell commented, “We learned about immigration in Canada through literature and stories, from a historical perspective, including the Underground Railway, Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. It was a wonderful opportunity to teach our local grade five students about such a worthy cause that was so closely connected to their Social Studies unit on Immigration. I am so glad they were able to take part in a small way.” The students also answered the question, ‘What is a refugee?’ and practised writing the Canadian Citizenship Test. “It was hard! And I didn’t pass!” exclaimed one of the students.

How did the students find out about KRRG? Harrison said, “I got the gist of it at home,” while Kate and Tristyn heard from their parents and at school. Cate stated, “I heard about it from my Grandpa,” pointing to Colin MacKenzie.

MacKenzie shared with the students his personal story of meeting new refugee families while in Lethbridge, Alberta, recently. “One of the children, your age (10-11 years old), was our interpreter since I didn’t speak Arabic and the family’s father did not speak English.”

KRRG is grateful to the community for its continuing support and invites new volunteers to participate and become part of making Kimberley “a good place to be welcoming.” There are two opportunities on Thursday, June 23 to join KRRG – in the morning at a general meeting from 10:00am to noon at All Saints Anglican Church Hall (360 Leadenhall Street, Kimberley) and in the evening 5:00-7:30pm at the Kimberley Farmers’ Market (Howard Street).

For further information, please contact: Volunteer Coordinator – Wilma Harding (250-427-1767) Fundraising Team Leader - Lee Scott (778-481-5282) Chair - Becky Pelkonen (250-425-1288)

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