Update on Kimberley Refugee Resettlement Group

It has been a challenging few months for the “core” KRRG members that come together for meetings. We would like to rejuvenate KRRG and bring back the energy and enthusiasm to our cause. To that end, we invite all former members to come forward with your ideas, energy and wisdom, via email or meetings. Please, let us know if you would like to be notified of upcoming meetings. We realize not everyone wants to attend meetings. Some prefer having designated “jobs” to do. We would like to know if you are interested in helping with 1. Fundraising, 2. Working with the family, 3. Organization, 4. Paperwork (helping with grants or forms for gov’t), or 5. Securing donations or donating yourself.

Currently we have approximately $4500 in the bank. We have a monthly total of $80 being deposited automatically into our bank account. We recently received $186 from a spaghetti lunch at the All Saints Anglican Church and $30 from Fall fair donations. Anyone can raise funds on their own, like a garage sale, and donate the money, if they wish.

We have agreed to help with a private sponsorship, as we are able, not making a financial commitment, but using our knowledge and past experience.

Recently, and very reluctantly, we turned down a BVOR sponsorship that had 50% of the funds provided by a grant. This was a very difficult decision but done because we were not sure we could meet the other 50% financial commitment in such a short time. Other opportunities will come our way soon and we would, with your help, like to be ready to accept one of the applicant families/persons.

We feel that a big effort to advocate for refugees through education of our communities is needed. Kimberley is a beautiful community for refugees to start their lives in Canada. We need to inspire community members to donate to KRRG so we can all reach out to help those in need. If you know of a group we can do a presentation to, please approach them and us about doing so.

Some concern has been expressed over the fact that our previous family moved on to Calgary.We consider this a success and are very proud that the family felt confident enough to make that move. Kimberley was a safe and soft spot to land after the family’s upheaval. But, they needed a particular faith community to support them that our city did not have. The family is still in touch and while Hasham still is looking for more sustainable income (a challenge most refugees encounter when arriving in a new country) the family is doing fine. They are safe and they are free.

We feel that we learned a lot with the experience of having our first family. We expended much more time, energy, and resources than we thought. We will utilize other agencies much more in the future. With hindsight we would do some things differently and we look for the opportunity to do so with another refugee family.

We really do want to continue helping the many refugees all over the world to find a safe place to land. We would appreciate your help in determining our future direction. We are asking you to respond with any of your ideas, but for the present we could benefit greatly but having you respond to two questions by OCTOBER 19:

1: Can you identify any potential organizations or groups that would want a KRRG presentation?

2: Can you give us one or two fundraising ideas?

If you are interested in donating, helping to fund raise, offering support to a family or working at fundraising events please contact:

LOUISE, @ 250-427-3726 - louhockley@gmail.com, or

WILMA @ 250-427-1767 - cwharding@telus.net

Thanks for reading this and for giving us consideration and anticipated feed-back.

Learn more about how to donate here >>>

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