The KRRG still continues to support refugee families.

Hello all visitors and/or long-time friends of KRRG. We've been keeping a low profile but, please know that we continue to support refugee families in the area. We want to thank all of you who have given to the cause in one form or another in the past. When our current pandemic crisis recedes, and it will, we will be more active with some fundraising campaigns. Now is not the time for that. So, the KRRG would like to take advantage of these days, with little on our calendar (self isolating, sigh), to do a shout out to some good friends. Support for our endeavours comes in many forms. Since our inception, Nicole and Brett from Suite Apps, have been always there when we needed help with marketing or social media. They developed and maintain our website (, and ask for nothing in return. So here is a shameless plug for some local folks who do excellent work with Sales & Marketing Consulting. Please check out their website at SUITE-APPS.COM.

Stay tuned for new fundraisers in the future, but more importantly stay safe and positive during this global crisis.

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