Kimberley Refugees Resettlement Group - Become a Sponsor


How can Businesses and Organizations Help?

Businesses and organizations big and small are encouraged to help welcome refugees.


Here are some examples of how your business or orgnization can contribute:


Give housing, items and services

  • Offer accommodations at no cost or reduced cost

  • Offer storage space to local organizations

  • Offer in-kind donations including company space to host community events

  • Donate, collect, or distribute items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, vehicles, food, mobile phones and books

  • Provide services such as transportation, moving, internet, storage, computer maintenance, insurance, legal advice 


Provide funding​


Employ refugees and provide training

  • Hire a refugee and encourage other employers in your community to do the same

  • Provide training on language, digital skills, and soft skills

  • Help refugees build professional networks

  • Support and recognize organizations that employ newcomers


Include newcomers

  • Encourage employees to mentor refugees in their workplaces and communities

  • Organize social events to celebrate diversity and promote cultural exchange


In-Kind Donations

  • Goods and services to support refugees families, or the KRRG.



No donations or sponsorship is being accepted at this time.